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If your intention of learning the Ukelele is to get to a quite superior level at a faster pace, you will definitely gain from private lessons. We can focus on the many techniques, rythms and styles, that are difficult to capture on online tutorials, and thereby perfect your skills.
Your one on one lesson will take place in Lewes, East Sussex.
For single lessons I only offer this location. I don’t do home visits, as I would have to charge my travel time which makes a lesson quite expensive.
However, for students that find it difficult to commit to regular weekly lessons,
I offer a combination of face to face lessons and skype lessons. A student can reduce his travel expenses by e.g. coming every fortnight (or month) for a face to face lesson and include Skype lessons for the weeks in between.
I offer a price for this combination and you can find details here: Prices
Generally speaking students bring their own Ukelele, but if this is not possible I can provide the instrument for your lesson.