What gets in the way of learning an instrument is impatience, lack of confidence, pressure, and no love for the music you are learning.
This is one reason why I don’t encourage students to do grades, even though I teach them when necessary. The main reason for learning the guitar must be for pleasure.
It doesn’t matter when you start, but be gentle with yourself. Patience is one of the most useful qualities. You will go through a learning curve that takes you from.

“I will never be able to do this…”
“I didn’t think I would manage this…”
“What’s up next ?!”
Your confidence will grow and you will learn quickly.
When you commit to learning the guitar, you should give it at least 6 months before you decide whether to continue or not. My method of learning the guitar is based on what the student wants – what inspires them, their aspirations, the music they love, and what would they want to be able to do.
Within this framework I apply my experience and knowledge to not only get them there, but also to provide a foundation for students to play and learn by themselves.